I am teacher, a puppeteer, a friend,  a singer, a dreamer.  For eighteen years, I walked, ran, and snuggled Shannondog. I have three old alley cats.  I like to write songs about nature and animals.  

Find out what Erin does in her spare time.

I am a drummer, a filmer, a composer, a

 writer, a singer, a wallflower, and a will power.

   I have three cats

Ask Jarod for more cow bell and other special requests.

I am a musician, a composer, a teacher, a dad, a friend, and I have two dogs.  

Learn to riff like Stevie. 

I am a fiddler, a guitarist, a bassist, a teacher, a harmonizer, a band leader, and a dad.  I have one dog. 

Listen to Geoff's tunes.  

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